Door installation

Step by step instruction on how to replace your cabinet doors

Your replacement door order just arrived and you're excited to replace those old tired doors, so let's get started!

Tools you will need


  • Screw Driver or cordless drill 

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Tape Measure

  • calculator

Hopefully you kept the diagram that we created in our "How to Measure" step, as we will be using it again .

Measure your new doors to identify their location .

In step 2. Measure Cabinet Openings on the How to Measure page (and the image above), cabinet #2 has an opening of 12"x27".  If we ordered 1/2" Overlay Doors, the new door is going to be 13"x28".  Find that door and write the number "2" in one of the bore holes that the hinge cups go into.  Perform this step for all doors until they are all marked.

Be sure to put a line through or check-mark next to the completed cabinets

Once you have all of the cabinet doors identified, you will need to remove the old doors.  If you are not changing the hinges, simply use the phillips screw driver or cordless drill with a phillips tip and unscrew each screw holding the hinges to the doors, leaving the hinges attached to the cabinet.

Be sure to hold the door securely before loosening the last screws in the hinges so that the door does not fall.

If you are replacing the hinges completely, also remove the screws that are holding the old hinges to the cabinets and replace the hinges.  Be sure to leave the screw that holds the hinges to the cabinet slightly loose so we can adjust them easier once we get to the Adjustments section.

Now that the old doors have been removed, we can begin installing the new doors.
Referring back to your drawing and the numbers you wrote inside the hinge cup hole, begin attaching the new doors to the correct cabinets. 

If the hinges do not line up perfectly with your new doors, you may need to loosen the screw that holds the hinge to the door.

Continue until all doors have been attached and then proceed to Adjusting your doors so they look perfect.