Why replace just the doors and drawer fronts?

You may not realize what's INVOLVED with a kitchen remodel.  This article covers the basics.

Replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts are the economical solution to expensive kitchen remodeling.  By doing it yourself, or DIY, you not only save time and money, but you get the exact look that you want and it's done with the attention to detail that you demand.

Traditional kitchen remodels can take months to complete and cost thousands of dollars.  They also usually require the hiring of a contractor, and as some of us know from experience, we don't always get the level of expertise that we're promised.  By doing it yourself, you control the cost, you control the timeline and you control the quality.  

Another huge bonus to replacing cabinet doors and drawers over remodeling is that you can do it in a weekend.  The measuring process takes about an hour, then you simply order the doors and replacement drawers online and a week later, they arrive at your doorstep.  The actual replacement of the doors and drawer is as simple as unscrewing your existing doors from the hinges and replacing them with your new doors.  

Changing the color of you cabinets is also a snap.  Your new custom replacement doors and drawer fronts arrive unfinished so you can go from an old tired, worn out stain or paint to a new stain or paint very easily.  If you are going to go with a new paint color, such as the popular White or Antique White or even a more modern Gray or Blue, you can easily paint your existing cabinets and new doors to create a completely different look with the addition of your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
If you are going to go with a new stain color, you simply have to sand your old cabinets prior to staining them along with your new doors and drawer fronts.

The cost is one of the other attractive reasons to only replace your kitchen doors and drawer fronts.  Traditional kitchen remodels usually cost several thousand dollars just for the Chinese RTA (Ready To Assemble) cabinets that usually have to be put together prior to being installed.  The assembly process can take an hour or more per cabinet for an inexperienced person.  Now imagine an hour for each of your cabinets.  The typical kitchen has between 12 and 20 cabinets, so you can begin seeing how time consuming a DIY kitchen remodel can be.  There are hundreds of sites that sell Chinese RTA cabinets, but due to their recent popularity, good luck buying all of them without having one or two on back ordered.  Back ordered Chinese cabinets can take up to two months or more to arrive.  Now imagine tearing out your kitchen because your new cabinets are on the way, only to discover that you can't complete your installation because your sink cabinet is back ordered for two months.  This is another reason why so many people are choosing to replace their doors and drawer fronts rather than their entire kitchen.

Another reason for only changing out the door and drawer portion of a cabinet is that the cabinet itself is still in great condition.  Why replace the entire kitchen and create a 2 month mess when you just need to freshen it up?  Speaking of mess, how would you feel with your kitchen being torn out for 2 months?  Where would you wash your dishes?  Cooking would be a difficult task in itself, not to mention the cleanup required afterwards, so what does that leave you?  Eating out?  Every day?

As you can see, replacing a cabinet door and painting or staining the wood panel on each cabinet can save you time, money and aggravation.  And not just a little of those things, but a lot.  A typical set of doors and drawer fronts costs around $1,500 while new Chinese kitchen cabinets can cost $7,500 or more.  After replacing the cabinets, you then have to buy new countertops which can easily cost $3,000 or more.  A new countertop requires a new sink.  A new sink might as well get a new garbage disposal and faucet.  As you can see, the costs quickly add up.  If you aren't able to perform all of those tasks by yourself, you'll be forced to hire a contractor... hopefully one that you will show up on time, perform the work as expected and not invade your private space for too long.  Most contractors charge $50 per cabinet to install and if they have to assemble them, charge another $25 per cabinet for that.  15 cabinets could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the amount of work required.  Remember, contractors are not going to do anything for free, so tearing out your old cabinets, disposing of them, installing crown molding, installing knobs and handles, etc. are all going to cost you money.

Before you decide to change the look and style of your kitchen, why not consider simply replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with custom Made in the U.S.A. doors and drawer fronts that will not only save you time and money but also a lot of frustration and headaches.