Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors can breath new life into an outdated kitchen

Whether it's because they've deteriorated or you've simply outgrown them and want a fresh new style, replacing kitchen cabinet doors can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen, giving it a lift that makes everything seem new for a surprising low price.

Once you've made the decision to replace your kitchen cabinet doors, you'll need to decide on what kind of doors you want. Your options vary and you should take into consideration, whether you're going to go with the same color as your existing cabinets, paint your cabinets and doors or sand your old cabinets down and refinish them and the doors to a new finish.  Although our custom doors are designed by you and built to your specifications, there are other considerations you need to be aware of before your purchase and some of those are based on the color you are wanting the finished product.

Most cabinets that have a painted finish such as White Shaker Cabinets, Gray Shaker Cabinets or the new Blue Shaker Cabinets all have one thing in common; they have a smooth, painted finish.  Painted cabinet doors are typically made out of a Maple frame and have a MDF center panel.  The reason for this is that the center panel is such a large area that real wood or veneers would most likely have knots or other imperfections associated with wood which may be seen through the otherwise smooth painted finish.  To alleviate this problem, most manufacturers use a MDF center panel which is perfectly smooth. 

You'll want to make sure the doors match the cabinet boxes. This can be accomplished with paint or staining the boxes for a more streamlined, consistent look. Once you've decided on how you will update your kitchen cabinet doors, you will need to decide on the style. Some options for the style can be flat panel, which are doors with a flat center panel and a raised frame. Another style that's popular is raised panel cabinet doors, which have a raised center panel surrounded by a contour. A slab cabinet door is usually preferred in contemporary designs and is a smooth, flat slab with no contours, panels or accents. Accent doors are generally just for decoration and not functionality and are not used as the design style for all the cabinets in the kitchen. Accent doors can be louvered, glass, mullion, chalkboard and sheet metal; they serve well for reinforcing an existing design style and adding a little flair to your kitchen.

Replacing the doors involves taking off the existing doors and hardware while keeping the cabinet boxes where they are, and putting on new doors with either new hardware or the same hardware. New hardware can also make a dramatic difference, so that's something to consider for an updated look.

Another option for replacing your kitchen cabinets is to remove cabinet doors altogether for an open shelving design embellished with decorative brackets and molding.