Made in the U.S.A

Does "Made in the U.S.A." really matter?

Made in the U.S.A - why is that significant and what does it mean to you?

Several years ago, RTA Cabinets became very popular with house flippers and low budget remodeling projects due to their relatively inexpensive cost, compared to similar products produced in the United States.  RTA means Ready To Assemble and that term has become synonymous with low cost, fair quality import cabinets primarily originating in China, that arrive in boxes that you must assemble before installing.  With the new tariffs designed to raise the price of import products to be more comparably priced to generally higher quality products produced in the United States, it has forced the market to look for alternatives.  Many importers are moving their factories to other overseas locations such as Vietnam or even Mexico, where labor is much less expensive and the tariffs aren't so steep, but as we all know, you get what you pay for.

The draw towards RTA cabinets is that they are cheap.  For most home flippers and people on a tight budget, this was a perfect solution, however the result is that instead of the cabinets lasting the life of the home, they only last a few years.  Inferior components that go into making the RTA cabinets cheap also affect the overall quality.  Not a big deal for house flippers or people who are in a starter home and just want an inexpensive solution that adds some value to their home so they can sell it in the near future, but for those of us who plan on living in our home for years, this is an issue.  The lure of spending $5,000 instead of $12,000 on a new set of cabinets is strong.  Who wouldn't want to save $7,000?  The problem is that most RTA manufacturers only give a 5 year warranty on those products, and we all know what happens as soon as the warranty expires...

So what is a viable solution?  Simple; replace your doors and drawer fronts.

Most homes have very nice cabinet "carcasses" or the boxes that the doors and drawers attach to.  The color may not be modern and the doors and drawers may be outdated, but for the most part, the shelves are fine, the drawers open and close fine, they're just ugly.  This is where comes to the rescue.

We offer custom, Made in the U.S.A. replacement doors and drawer fronts that are unfinished, meaning you can paint or stain them to any color you like.  We can transform your old kitchen into a new one for a fraction of the cost of remodeling, with less mess, less downtime and more money in your pocket.  Best of all, anyone can do it.  You don't need to go through the trouble of finding a contractor and hoping they know what they're doing or wasting time at a design center and dealing with a pushy salesperson who makes a commission off of you.

Made in the U.S.A. means five things:
1. Quality.  Each door is hand made by skilled American workers in an American factory.  You're not sending your money overseas, you're helping workers feed their families here in the United States.  You're adding value to your home with quality products that will last for generations, not months, and you're helping dozens of workers who will spend the money they earn building your replacement doors and drawer fronts on goods and services in their community.

2. Lead-time.  Each order is sent to production immediately.  Most orders ship to you within 7 business days.  If you've dealt with RTA cabinets, you probably know that they frequently have stock issues that can last months.  Imagine having your entire kitchen tore out because you were told that your new cabinets will arrive in a week only to find out that one or two are on back-order for several months.  Now you've got a garage full of new cabinets that you have to assemble, a kitchen with no cabinets, no counter tops and no sink and that it's going to be that way for the entire Summer.

3. Cost.  Instead of spending tens of thousands on an entire kitchen remodel, you can spend hundreds of dollars on replacement doors and drawer fronts.  Remodeling your kitchen requires a lot of considerations such as, are you going to keep the same layout?  If not, that means you probably have to replace your flooring as well because your new cabinets aren't going to cover up the bare spots left by tile or wood flooring that was installed after your cabinets were.  Replacing cabinets means replacing counter tops, an average counter top typically run about $50 per sq. ft. installed.  A 10' long counter top is 20 sq. ft., or $1,000.  Backsplash?  That'll cost you.  New sink, faucet, garbage disposal for your new counter tops?  It's not hard to see why a kitchen remodel can quickly become a nightmare, not only due to costs, but also because of so many other potential unforeseen issues that can easily turn a month long project into a 2 or 3 month long project.

4. Customization.  Replacing your doors and drawer fronts allows you to change the color of your cabinets, the Overlay and the door style.  Today's modern designs incorporate a lot of white, grey, black, blue and other color painted finishes.  Our Paint Grade doors and drawer fronts are a perfect solution for these applications.  They are made from flawlessly smooth material and sanded to perfection so that any paint will go on seamlessly.  Imagine taking that tired old dark 1980's kitchen and painting it white and then adding Full Overlay, Shaker doors and drawer fronts that transforms your kitchen to the modern era, in a weekend, and for less than half of what it would cost to replace them with RTA cabinets.

5. Do it Yourself.  One of the biggest reasons we hear that people choose to replace their doors and drawer fronts instead of their whole kitchen is the simple fact that they can do it themselves.  No special tools needed, no mess, no need to hire a contractor or have workers trample in and out of your home.  You do it at your convenience.  Most doors have 4 small screws that hold the door to the hinges.  Simply unscrew the old door and replace it with the new one.  In a matter of minutes you can transform a cabinet all by yourself.

As you can see, Made in the U.S.A. means more than just custom built, quality products that are never on back-order.  It means that you can transform your own kitchen or bath when it's convenient for you, for a cost that's easy to handle and with products that are meant to last. 

So before you are talked into buying RTA cabinets by a high pressure sales person, take a couple of minutes to measure one of your cabinet doors, find one that you like on our website, select the type of REAL WOOD that you want and enter the dimensions on it's page to see just how inexpensive you can replace your entire kitchen for.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable your kitchen makeover can be.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us at your earliest convenience.