Chinese Cabinets - BEWARE!

One more reason to dump Chinese RTA cabinets

Did you know that almost every online retailer of RTA cabinets sells Chinese cabinets?  Chinese cabinets are cheaper than American made products because the standards are much lower in China than here in the U.S. and the labor is a fraction of what we pay here.  Did you also know that there are almost no difference between online Chinese cabinet retailer?  The cabinet names may be different, such as Bright White Shaker or Shaker White or Snow White Shaker, but the products are the exact same, made in the same factory and sold by the same distributor.  In all actuality, there are only a handful of actual importers of Chinese cabinets. Some of those being J&K, U.S. Cabinet Depot, Forevermark, and Faircrest.  These importers buy dozens of shipping containers filled with knock down, unassembled or "RTA" cabinets from a few different factories in China, warehouse them in a few select cities across the U.S. and distribute them directly, for their dealers, to your door. 

This is why you may see the same cabinet on several different websites with a different name, but don't be fooled.  Online retailers are just the middle man - buying the cabinets for a fraction of what they are reselling to you.  Did you know that most importers will sell direct to the public?  So instead of paying a 200% markup, which is pretty standard, you can actually get your cabinets for a fraction of the cost, if you choose to purchase Chinese cabinets.

Most online companies will offer a free design service which you can use to your advantage.  Once you get the free design, take that design, double check it for accuracy, since most "designers" are freelance or "independent contractors" who work for straight commission and are probably not be a Certified Kitchen Designer, which is an accreditation that is awarded from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Then visit the actual importers websites and contact them to purchase your cabinets.  Most importers drop ship their products right to the end-user (you), so the resellers never even see the cabinets anyway.  They do a quick design and mark up the cabinets 200% (Some may even entice you with a "Contractor discount" or run monthly "sales" or even offer "free shipping" gimmicks to try to buy your business), take your money and then place the order with the actual importer who ships their products to you.  What you pay A LOT for is their service.

A typical RTA kitchen will cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.  The reseller is paying about 1/4 of that.  Imagine buying your entire kitchen for $2,500 instead of paying $10,000 and receiving the same products, on the same pallet, with the same warranty.

Instead of giving your hard earned money to one of these online "Wholesale" companies, who seem to run a new "sale" every other week and only care about your credit card, why not save the money and skip the hassle of dealing with these clowns. 

The bottom line is that if you're going to buy Chinese cabinets, just buy them from the importer directly and save thousands of dollars.  Don't be fooled by "Free Shipping" gimmicks or "We'll beat anyone's prices!" banners because they're just meant to distract you from the fact that they aren't really doing anything you can't do by yourself.

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